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Our process and assurance system are ISO 9001 compliant

About us

Our service profile:

Our company's core activities focus on the development and commissioning of process data analysis systems (PDA) using the myDAS information portal, and automatic diagnosis systems (ADS) and integrated quality management systems (IQS), in addition to providing other project-specific services in this area. We give our customers practical help and advice at every stage, from the first drafts, to designing and testing their system, up to commissioning and operation. We also provide on-site support once the system has "gone live". In all these activities, our focus is always on improving quality and reducing costs for your production systems.

In addition to myDAS we also offer our customers:

IT Services



Quality Management:

Our process and quality assurance system complies with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. We have had ISO 9001 certification since 2007. These requirements have been implemented successfully and in a practical way, throughout the company ever since. If you would like any additional information about our process and quality assurance system, just contact us on the e-mail address info(at)techno-step.de.
If you can´t measure it, you can´t manage it. (Peter Drucker)
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