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Our products support your quality management system.
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Product Overview:

myDAS - Analyse

Techno-Step's myDAS information portal is a powerful process data analysis tool. Its data connectivity is easy to set up (thanks to field bus monitors). That, combined with its scalability, makes it ideal for use in almost any area of application, from running as a compact system for test stands to operating in client/server systems for complex production lines.

DiagNet - Model

The DiagNet software can perform detailed and wide-ranging analyses of the process data provided by myDAS, by modelling virtual measuring signals. It uses them to generate key data, for parameterised fault detection and status monitoring. As the virtual measuring signals are modelled offline, they run independently of the actual production process. Historic data can also be used to check the results.

ADS-Agent - Monitor

This system uses the key data and monitoring algorithms generated in DiagNet to monitor the process data provided by myDAS.

Safir - Management Report

The Safir software provides an info portal for connecting to, and visualising, the process data provided by myDAS and the quality data (for example, cycle time analyses, faults, material data, consumption volumes). This data can either be generated using DiagNet or be taken from external data sources. The data is displayed in management reports, which can be tailored to suit any particular requirements.
If you can´t measure it, you can´t manage it. (Peter Drucker)
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